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Order on the net I of the room see
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The advantage of the room is ordered on one net

1.Make guest can the better, faster news that knows restaurant

2.Came true of restaurant and guest two-way communicate

2 restrict a few problems that room development orders on the net

1.No matter from which country or it is worldwide will tell, online person is too little

2.The idea of people cannot transform temporarily

3.The room is ordered to return existence other on the net a few problems

3 means of settlements and a few proposals

1.House system is revised on the net that executes " of " portal site and site of each restaurant cent to coexist

2.The network that makes good network address publicizes the job

3.Each restaurant should release network advertisement actively

I what the room books on the net see

Content abstract: Information economy knocks at noisy century gate, developed each fields of human society overwhelmly as tide of this one great history, guesthouse tourism walks out of traditional sale pattern, enter information freeway to come true " the room is booked on the net " the urgent desire of the famous hotel that already became consciousness of increasing rich innovation. Article key elaborated travel restaurant to come true through electronic business affairs " the room is booked on the net " the advantage that this kind of new sale way and photograph of traditional sale means have than place, and restrict " the room is booked on the net " a few problems of development, offerred the means that solves basically to how solving these problems.

Keyword: Internet of room restaurant Internet is ordered on the net

The development as economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, the travel inside alive bound limits is making the life style with contemporary mankind important society and socioeconomy activity. 20 centuries since 50 time, the group travel of in a popular style shows itself, maintaining powerful development momentum to make dimensions industry quickly, become the pillar of the economy of later ages bound of afterwards car, estate. Come nearly 10 years, already transformed in Chinese tourism the economic property that takes important place to be in national economy. Travel restaurant is one of 3 big pillar of tourism, it is the corporeal foundation condition that develops tourism, it is the appearance of Chinese tourism, it is to reflect a state (area) the important sign that travel recieves ability. Comrade Deng Xiaoping says when the issue that proves productivity: "Science and technology is the first productivity. " (" Deng Xiaoping anthology " ) . So how do we use science and technology to raise productivity level, how to use science and technology to develop our tourism? Put forward in our country MII " plan of governmental online project " in point out clearly " the country applies on the net that ministries and commissions should roll out him each, if national tourism bureau should be rolled out,the room is booked on the net, conclude the application such as the course travels on the net. " a side that the room orders to belong to electronic business affairs on the net, people " Internet economy " a general designation is " new economy " , the room is being ordered to also can say on the net is means of hotel new sale. It will use the advantage of Internet itself to pose a challenge to traditional sale pattern undoubtedly.
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