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Hotel industry wireless network solution
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Will make public house of 6 stars class with mobile service

To the hotel industry in service industry. The key that at present hotel industry competes has shifted the competition of the service from the competition of hardware, each are big hotel all the level of Wu of service consciousness kimono that cudgel one's brains for will come to raise his. The service project in the tradition is very mature already today, as 4, hotel of 5 stars class, how to offer new service to become the issue that hotel operator headaches for the client. Come nearly two years, as the addition that comes from guest of business affairs of world each district, the high speed of the development of global IT and wireless network develops, and the Internet swift and violent development in home, offer new news service to make a kind of trend for hotel operator. This promoted modernization the service of the hotel and level of management on one hand, in the meantime, also brought corresponding profit for hotel operator.

Can say, the network is the tool of hotel transmission information not only, also be tarry turns round the guest maintains the significant step of rate, and wireless network moves as a result of its the characteristic of gender, convenience sex and flexibility, be able to be more in the hotel distinguish oneself. Business affairs guest can ask the hotel offers as identical as its office and individual family high speed Internet to visit ability commonly, can come true through wireless local area network agile and the network solution that can expand.

Wireless net develops new-style service

Of wireless network introduce, make the hotel develops all sorts of new services to become a possibility. For example, after be registered, business affairs guest needs to install a wireless local area network simply to get stuck on its jotter only, in a few minutes in can compare phone join rate hurry up the rate of 100 times visits Internet. The installation of system of wireless local area network makes a guest very OK go to the lavatory and handle official bussiness neatly in the shift inside the hotel, no matter be to be in hotel guest room, assembly room, dining-room, by the side of garden or swimming-pool. Such wireless high speed visits ability, be sure to made install wireless local area network the favorite that the hotel of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy makes business affairs conference and exhibition.

Wireless net blocks take on lease online service

The public house is big Internet receives a service

Business affairs guest often likes to use notebook computer work in hall of hotel old hall, coffee or teahouse, or it is to be in these places to undertake a diminutive talks, when the data that when the guest need handles email or is online download company, gotten answer often is: You must change a position that approachs point of a certain data; Can you go to business affairs center; Or be must use line to just can get online in the room etc.
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