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Hotel informatization construction is grand but want occupation standard
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What the IT application of hotel industry lacks most is an occupation standard. It is actually in each industries, IT builds the case that has failure, if can draw a lesson in time, sometimes the case of a few failure can promote development instead, construction does not have the IT that Dan Wei has hotel industry to achieve better progress because of the experience that summed up failure.

"I feel the informatization construction of hotel industry can say now very grand. " in the trustee Han of company of engineering of all of computer science department just said soft good peaceful so.

Because the country travels,the management department such as the bureau has technical demand to the grade of astral class hotel, each different astral grade levels have diverse demand, the whole nation is almost so all the information center that reachs the hotel of astral grade level to have his, the hotel undertakes to investing capital the system is built or have enthusiasm very much.

Han Gang expresses: "Present industry is in charge of branch, hotel to take informatization seriously to build very much. " at the same time PSM manufacturer also can is with the client's demand oriented, will plan the pace that team of the product of the enterprise, service and this locality change him position. Such ability form an user to have what kind of demand, software business can be answered in time, the product basically also can accord with the need of the user.

Hotel controller is put in the error

Advantage of Sun Zhi of IT company general manager says Shanghai wisdom region, as a result of the relation of business, oneself often can bring into contact with the high-level administrator of a few hotels, they often sigh with emotion to Sun Zhi benefit, oneself hotel interlinks difference of hotel management group unlike those abroad on the soft hardware establishment such as dimensions, service, but be entered daily,live to lead or cannot make a person satisfactory. "I had seen their website, a lot of messages above expire long already, nobody is newer, also had understood their tiring-room system, very few somebody books what the system has a room through theirs, they book business on major network is by means of carries dragon of Cheng, E to wait a moment so special book a net to finish. And the system of themselves basically is in unused condition. " Sun Zhi interest represents, although most controller realized the value of informatization, but the difference that goes up as a result of experience and understanding, the management pattern that still has many public houses stays in be managed blindly what imitate style and experience inattentive administration level, bring about a hotel to manage effect very low. Software of some hotel finance affairs, business management already was used, but cannot realize financial business unifinication, information cannot be shared; Some hotels had partial business to undertake informatization only merely, other business still is undertaken by handiwork.
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