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The solution that the ARP in hotel network system cheats
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1, what is ARP deceit?

From the point of the way that affects network join unobstructed, ARP cheats cent to be 2 kinds, one kind is satisfy the need by implement the beguiling; that ARP expresses is another kind internally the gateway deceit of net PC:

The principle that the first kind of ARP cheats is -- intercept and capture gateway data. It notices a way by implement of a series of mistakes inside net MAC address, undertake ceaselessly according to certain frequency, make real address message cannot keep existence distance through updating by implement in, result road by implement the MAC address that all data can deliver a mistake only, cause normal PC to cannot receive information.

The principle that the 2nd kind of ARP cheats is -- forge gateway. Its principle is to build false gateway, the PC that lets be cheated by it sends data to false gateway, is not to adopt regular way by implement the way gets online. Look in PC, cannot go up namely net, "The network drops a line " .

2, the harm that ARP cheats?

ARP deceit can cause the disorder of in-house network, let certain the computer that is cheated cannot visit net of inside and outside normally, let gateway cannot carry normal communication with the client. Actually his harm is returned not just such, generally speaking the conflict of IP address we can avoid through a variety of methods and method, and ARP agreement job is in lower layer, concealment the gender is taller. What the system can not judge ARP cache is correct, cannot give out in that way like IP address conflict clew. And tool of a lot of hackers for example network scissors hand, can send ARP to cheat data bag and ARP extensive complex number to occupy a bag at any time, the method that can implement to be wrapped through transmitting ARP data on a common computer so will control an any computers in the network get online, still can be opposite directly even gateway has charge, the computer that lets all join network cannot get online normally. Be in at this o'clock before is impossible, because common computer does not have administrative power to be restricted to control gateway, and become a possibility however now, the harm that says ARP is cheated so is tremendous, and make do very hard, illegal user and baleful user can send ARP deceit and extensive complex number to occupy a bag at any time, increased network manager to search really fierce difficulty so.


Close paragraph of time, the industry such as domestic Internet bar, enterprise, hotel has appeared to break a string as a result of what ARP virus causes mostly (be broken completely or break a string partly) phenomenon, because this virus is varietal too much, transmission rate is too rapid, turn over virus manufacturer domestic and internationally to solve ARP virus problem without very good method.

Great majority road by implement firm proposal user inside net lead plane and road by implement between build two-way ARP to bind will solve this problem surely, this also is to look at present most the solution of effective (specific means can consult article of Ai Tai science and technology " the method that settles ARP charge " , download page: Http://www.utt.com.cn/referrencedoc.php) .
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