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Hotel informatization construction is investigated
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Some the ground that chooses software?

2. Do you care software what to window there is most?

3. Do at present you have without using software? If have, what is your software name? The product of which company, or the custom-built development that its make for you?

4. Is the satisfaction that using software to you spent how?

5. Using the client of software, what problem had encountered in using? What problem need is urgent solve?

6. Does software run a condition how?

7. Have business change to need to alter so the circumstance of software?

8. After service effect how?

9. Have full-time to maintain staff daily?

10. Did not use the client of software, need most pressing what is settlement problem?

11. The fundamental condition of your company

Register fund

Hotel dimensions

Famous degree

The demand with diverse what does the employee of different post have to software? .