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Sale of network of industry of hotel of domestic head ministry is how-to release
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Information age, internet the whole people gains ground and become people to get information, consumption, share, communication and trade crucial channel and tool, the diversification of the promotion of level of consumer group demand and demand administrative levels, hotel brand transmission and sale controller front are facing a lot of problem of sale, even if is world-famous hotel group also is seeking effective solution. Network sale serves as strategy of a kind of new sale to enter the whole market of the hotel to plan, so that answer to challenge and be obtained to sale, , get limits the attention with wider, later rate, although the hostel of a few places also is built,removed a website, opened a network to be sold continuously, perhaps build the last bus that boarded to carry dragon of Cheng, E.

But how to carry out network sale thoroughly to plan, the sale of hotel industry holds dish of hand people be in familiar phase mostly, with put in like favourable formula, advertisement traditionally, the chronic sale strategy such as company of sales promotion activity, agreement is compared, network sale still is a relatively new field to hotel industry. To improve this kind of condition, drive hotel industry to introduce the course of network sale, ensure network sale applies in the success of hotel industry, recently, be engaged in new sale transmitting service and medium and small businesses famous spend management service win sale group to faced hotel industry to roll out " sale of hotel industry network is referenced and how-to " . It is reported, this is the encyclopedia of network sale solution that domestic head ministry faces hotel industry.

This how-to cent is high-grade hotel, medium cheap with economy hotel two old series, how-to medium group of client of pair of pattern of hotel industry competition, trends, product and service system, price system, combination selling a site, cause, potential client group, Internet uses information of group of habit, client to get channel and suffer an effect sale of degree, network cuts tool of sale of dot, network, offerred the program that draws lessons from property.

This how-to issuance the orgnaization wins new sale to transmit a group to think, the network rectifies jointly owned to sell transmission, perhaps say new sale travels most substantial part is to cause the bee of public praise transmission and virus type transmission to cry sale effect, its start depends on two respects, be a hotel appeal to beg, 2 be with appeal to the incident that seeks photograph tie, topic and the thematic activity that roll out, carrying out the level, the place that has challenge sex quite depends on searching with drive and one fraction peddler, and those who transmit access comb with the organization. Start and bit more crucial selection of subject, plan, organization, decide and spread out finally carry out, dog wait for behavior to have two indispensable premise: Client group and sale transmit a target.
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