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Solution of terminal of system of guest room of intelligence of hotel of IT busi
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One, overview

NC brief introduction

NC(NetworkComputer, also call a network the computer) be a kind special the thin client computer in network computation environment, its use space of resource of the software in network environment, hardware and data storage, realize computer function; The job that lead plane just assumes indication computation result configures a requirement so very low, besides interactive outside necessary monitor and input equipment, network computer does not have exterior storage equipment (driver of hard disk, floppy disk and CD driver) .

Although the concept of NC appears old, but the network environment previously (the bandwidth of transmission network and the speed that the net blocks) the basic requirement that cannot satisfy NC to move all the time, great majority applies a system to also did not transfer truly to the browser / server (Browser/Server, b/S) mode, because this NC did not receive very good development and application all the time.

Improve ceaselessly as network environment, come nearly two years, NC received huge development and application, the relative dominant position of NC function and cost also appears very apparent, a few traditions, business that stems from the type of simple and easy microcomputer that cost considers and makes uses front machine, do not have dish of workstation to wait will possible be replaced by network computer. Additional, NC got in the applied environment of the market huge is improved, big software business begins to support network computer technology in the round. Current, in 500 strong companies of world 80% with the world in 100 strong companies 98% used NC.

Company introduction

Guangzhou can start limited company of network science and technology is a company of burgeoning new and high technology, the mechanism of NC network computation that is domestic major makes trade, among them the employee of 50% above is engaged in NC network computer relevant business amounts to 5 years of above, have distinctive NC network computer to commercialize the advanced concept that changes with the product, the employee of 30% ever enlisted the company country " 15 " task of 863 plans emphasis " intelligence changes a network to visit terminal system (2001AA114060) " research job, and of amid " all of network computer science department " in project development process, began the ongoing hair of technology of key of network computer core, obtained the research positive result of a lot of level sexes, successful development gave much money " intelligence turns network computer (NC) product.

Current, guangzhou can achieve limited company of network science and technology to be in country task of 863 plans emphasis " intelligence changes network terminal to visit a system " on the foundation with successful product, use through the client, a few respects such as demand of market research, user, the product adopts a system it is mature that newer, hardware upgrades to had comparatived, company main product is ITNC network computer, it is a kind of new-style computation equipment that is based on network environment, can pass capacity of the computation that server of network attack and seize carries and data storage, have this certain machine computation capacity at the same time, what the network computer application that is based on ITNC serves platform to be able to reduce an user greatly is overall have cost, convenient user focuses management, the company can be developed energetically and popularize NC platform and the application that are based on NC, promote the development of ethical software industry and chip of homebred small processing, promote and accelerate our country to wait for the informatization construction of the respect in finance of government affairs of network education, electron, electron, business management, ITNC complied with science and technology to developed tide to satisfy the need that national informatization builds again already.
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