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Hotel informatization, intelligence changes the window that is new competition
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The computer gains ground mediumly in the hotel and apply, new technical platform, new technology characteristic is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, the information system that suits domestic characteristic enters a public house slowly, make hotel management system entered a new development period. Should see, to one, 2 stars class even for hotel of partial SamSung class, the construction of information environment and application still lie start level, even if the hotel of 5 stars class, the process of informatization management and client also have the space that comparative to the demand of the hotel. Of degree of informatization of domestic wine hotel low, greatly block up the hotel is extended in the sale of network times, affected a hotel to run the promotion of performance and competitive ability.

4 big difference

Ideal difference

Most hotel operator thinks the hotel belongs to traditional service industry, advocate if rely on to rent guest room and bed will achieve,close, normally the establishment inside investment informatization and investment room (if add bath crock or sofa) investment redound is equal look upon, the effect that does not have the respect such as efficiency of an informatization construction and the management that affect and improve a hotel, management hangs a hook, the action that blends in catenary of hotel oneself value to be developed in competition without the value informatization hangs a hook.

The hotel wants those who keep certain to be entered rate, increase business income, make gain the biggest change, want pair of client group reappraises above all. Tourism group can be enriched admittedly rate, but discount rate is too old, and the guest other spending inside inn very little (cash flow small) . And business affairs guest is opposite for excel travel guest, although business affairs guest is much,to come loose the form of guest and miniature group is entered, but discount rate swims under brigade far guest, business affairs guest also is more than travel guest far in the other spending ability inside inn, especially guest of business affairs conference, the assembly room to the hotel, dining-room, muti_function center of hall, business affairs, gym can bring considerable business income etc.

Industry distance

Hotel industry is belonged to it is with the person this labor is concentrated model service industry, IT industry belongs to technology intensive industry. Because this is planted between the industry substantially difference, although go all lengths to promote the most advanced product equipment or solution the hotel,cause company of a lot of IT, its are the hotel paid high price to be like person meaning very much however normally as a result. Correct its reason, main show is in: Technical function and hotel demand amlposition, the crucial problem that very much not insoluble hotel faces current administrative system; Manage decision-making layer to do not have integral program, get out of the way sends business to pulling nose to go; Supplier and hotel do not have the consistency on the interest.
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