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Intelligence lives in the life that walking into us
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Zhejiang lukewarm city since reforming and opening, it is economy of Chinese privately owned all the time most one of places that develop, of lukewarm city person abundant also be the whole nation all knows; Intelligent household serves as show level relatively enjoyed way of life, have the pursuit of money person more at present; Household of intelligence of all alone rich was satisfied just about first rich the demand that the one part person that rise enjoys first, but for common people of rich to comparing river, short for Zhejiang Province, Shanghai, intelligent household also does not need too much economy defray actually, business of collaboration of district of lukewarm city of all alone rich -- lukewarm state division amounts to intelligence to live in electronic limited company to be esteemed just about admire concept of this kind of consumption, established the first intelligence to live in brand shop in Wen Zhou at present. The company establishs half an year to come recently, the adornment industry that already followed place at present, estate business and building materials supplier established better channel collaboration relationship, the Promethean still ad that developed high-grade consumption site decides a dot to put in, also obtained the result that comparative.

Kedazhi can live in brand shop

Brand shop regards the sale that people of a kind of press close to lives as platform, can make common common people organic also can understand intelligence to live in, learn life style of a kind of brand-new science and technology, it is a kind of better conduct propaganda that extends intelligent way of life and sale platform. Often the user walks into storefront, to intelligence household product generated stronger interest, in exclaim science and technology magical, more is to yearn this kind of brand-new lifestyle, they think they buy an experience probably, live in the member that the product is popularized freely as intelligence probably, the intelligence that tells about them in the friend to periphery, family ceaselessly lives in the brigade of the experience, this is undoubtedly a kind the commonnest but the new idea of the form of exert a subtle influence on that provides power extremely again spreads way

The hotel nods the intelligence that put in to live in propagandist book surely

The advertisement that decide a dot puts in, it is current by the step of advertisement conduct propaganda with the wide application, strongest specific aim, it is the advertisement form that consumes group design completely according to the target, at present intelligence lives in a product to serve as the consumable of a kind of high-grade, vogue, science and technology, if pass the advertisement that decide a dot to put in means, for example: In high-grade hotel, recreation the place such as meeting place puts in propagandist manual to be able to have very good conduct propaganda and transmission effect.

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