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Intelligence changes household to go gradually asymptotic
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Intelligence changes household to call intelligence the residence again. It uses advanced computer embedded system and technology of network news report, the home all sorts of medium equipment join through domestic network. 2000 is a concept that intelligent household is in China year, quite the extensive conduct propaganda that one part dweller passes the media such as magazine of broadcast broadcasting station, TV, newspaper, had accepted intelligence to live in this concept. Through research development of a few years and experimental application, intelligent household has begun to enter the life of people.

The life is OK and such simple

In the morning, slow and elegant music wakes host up, breakfast is ready; Press a certain specific key that moves a remote controller to go up, after the lamplight in the home and electric equipment are shut automatically, can be at ease go going to work, the safety in the home is on guard the system enters state of alert automatically; Come off work towards evening, on board remote control opens the air conditioning in the sitting room; In the evening, all curtains can time shut automatically...

The intelligence that this is Ms. Zhang that lives in Qingdao changes household to live. As we have learned, all these is the one fraction in the business that system of control of network intelligence household can do only. In her intelligence the house that turn the home lives in, phone of have the aid of controls a system, whenever He De, OK monitoring arrives indoor circumstance. When the family goes out to go vacationing or travel, can be in through the phone proper when the lamplight in open home, TV or acoustics, in order to create the false appearance that somebody is in the home, prevent thief to get a change to step in. This system is OK still will master control ability is outspread each corner to the world, realize the unthinkable before, thing that cannot accomplish easily.

What this resembles the picture in science fiction film it seems that is same. Nevertheless, of the development as IT industry and people living standard rise, such life has been in nearly very close.

Intelligence lives in tide

A few days ago, intelligence of association of Chinese interior decoration changed committee to hold all member meeting. The conference thinks, intelligence lives in the spring that the market grows to had come. In and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, a few large residence community introduced community safety to be on guard, domestic security is on guard, broadband get online wait for intelligence to change a system. In Zhengzhou, the smell that intelligence influences household is thicker and thicker also.

Henan earth decorates make sail of company general manager to say, had had individual adornment at present the company is low-key the intelligence that rolled out individual event is masked long project, say to just be opposite for example the air conditioning implementation in the home is remote remote control. But in the client that recieves in company place, only the client of 5% can have individual event selectively or little intelligence is masked long.
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