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The hotel is energy-saving: Intelligence turns systematic application opportunit
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Content brief introduction: Intelligence changes a system to have inside all sorts of function buildings corresponding energy-saving fall the control strategy of bad news and application, the article emphasizes the energy-saving meaning that changes a system in the light of the special building function inside the hotel and characteristic introduction intelligence.

Manage in the hotel in, "Broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure " it is changeless tenet: "Income " depend on how many what passenger source measures, and " cost " all defray in reaching management by hotel operation form. Among them, energy expenses is a hotel one of normal operation the biggest fee.

According to statistic, the electric power with our country average annual public house is used up in 300 thousand - 1.5 million degrees between, the electric power with astral class annual hotel is used up in 1 million - 10 million degrees between. Cost of charge of electricity is the hotel divides space normally the largest expenses beyond charge and labour cost. To most hotel character, charge of electricity also is not by the hotel effective pilot last cost. The scale of electric energy loss that issued chart to show domestic public house:

Electric energy of domestic public house is used up make a plan (% )

From on graph but clarity sees: Use up in the electric energy of the hotel in, air conditioning is bad news can large family, hot water supplies take second place, and illume is discharged merely with n be in the 3rd.

Below, we basically discuss intelligence to change a system to use the effect that report has in energy-saving control in air conditioning.

The first, the public house is big temperature is controlled

Old hall is the appearance of a hotel, round-the-clock 24 hours face a guest to open, annual needs air conditioning. But as old hall stream of people different, air conditioning bear is different also.

Of old hall stream of people distributing have certain law: Early morning, the fare that enters is more; And the traveler that leaves store focuses at noon time more; The others time, passenger come-and-go is compared random -- accordingly, the air conditioning thermic load of old hall also the needle as passenger flow sharp edge time and present a regularity to fluctuate. It is OK that the building controls intelligent system the rule according to curve of this kind of bear, adjust control position ahead of schedule, according to different time paragraph adjust aircrew of cold water of air-conditioner group nucleus moving result besides with efficiency, the sources of energy that reduces control system trends to fluctuate is expended -- ensured indoor temperature is comfortable already quality, realized energy-saving control again.

The 2nd, the control of guest room temperature

The control of guest room temperature basically adopts the room condition guest room to control has couplet net and come true. When there is a guest inside the room, guest room temperature basically is adjusted independently by the guest, it is with satisfying a guest to experience the first want to allow; But fall in condition of the others room, when be like empty room condition, air conditioning is shut not completely commonly, open 1/3 meritorious service however besides, in order to assure the furniture inside the room maintain and life, maintain the temperature balance of integral hotel.
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