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The hotel manages new thinking: Have a nightmare of bone of ⒄ of Mu of of Qi o
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Serve quality to rise, the administrative system of the hotel can follow the guest's demand and perfect ceaselessly. Share the guest's information in time, the service that provides human nature to change to the guest becomes the target that already became hotel administration and way, and the quality competition such as establishment of amount of hotel decorate, guest room, room and price competition will withdraw house second line. What can foreknow is, the competition of prospective hotel basically will be changed in intelligence, informatization respect spreads out.
Subsystem height is compositive
The hotel needs system of a centralized management, every subsystem just does not realize single function simply, the intelligence that should have complete data interface controls unit, achieve control and controlled goal. If inbreak,detector detects the outside inbreaks information, pass interface, information is passed automatically always accuse room, control system carries interface operation, monitoring camera alignment calls the police area surveillance, kinescope, entrance guard system will call the police the passageway of area periphery closes etc, other is relevant branch make relevant operation instantly.
The linkage that crosses subsystem makes the of all kinds equipment that becomes independent severally originally or subsystem tie a centralized old system, be nodded in the information of different subsystem and linkage relationship is established between reference point. This kind of control flow that steps subsystem developed the function of each equipment or subsystem adequately, the safety that ensures all sorts of establishment further, stability and efficient move, improve the level of management of the hotel and quality. If BAS and fire call the police automatically, safety is on guard wait for the linkage between the system, safety is on guard system and city 110 call the police the linkage that directs a center, the linkage of public broadcasting and fire extinguishing system.
Can provide personalized service
Serve a of job modernization serious content, want to realize " individuation to serve " namely. Offerring individuation to serve is the basic function that intelligence converts a public house: If adopt network technique, the assembly room of the hotel can cross the whole world to pass a shadow to summon phonic translator with sound at the same time; The " that is based on a client to management is accumulated and be built often lives the individual be fond of that " of guest information library recorded every guest, guest room intelligence controls a system to will come true according to the information in the database; Wake up a system newly to pull open a curtain automatically gradually or will enhance the lamplight inside the room in before waking up time half hours of guest set; Without system of spoon door lock, with dactylogram or identity of retinal appraisal guest; The window of virtual reality, offer the view outside the window that chooses by him guest; Automatic induction system, volume of brightness of the light outside the window, TV, acoustics and indoor temperature and bathroom water are warm wait can the be fond of according to every guest is self-adjusting.
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