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Energy-saving intelligence converts Jin Mao mansion
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The Jin Mao edifice that very few somebody knows Shanghai is famous is a the sources of energy use up large family, jin Mao edifice 3 kinds of disappear of the sources of energy expend water of each days, report, natural gas use more than 130 thousand yuan. Come down to fall specific power consumption, jin Mao edifice is in of whole system move and of energy-saving project transform on did a lot of solid and painstaking works, one year the amount of managing water, report, natural gas amounts to 1.24 million yuan. Group faculty " attention detail " consciousness of company culture concept is carried out everyday in daily behavior standard, pay close attention to detail everywhere constantly, make real contribution for group cost control.

Hotel dining room opens the lamp according to business situation. Now the dining-room of hotel of Jin Mao edifice already unlike former days in that way, arrive working hours with respect to open all lamps. The communal lighting system of the edifice is controlled by computer couplet net entirely, before coming without the client commonly, hotel clerk cannot open the lamp, if want the lamp to need to be installed through specific password, of the edifice can become data with n, in delivering central pilot computer in time, go.

Air conditioning sends wind " look " number. The system of central air conditioning inside the edifice uses frequency conversion device entirely, the very can clever thermic load according to the client, self-adjusting send wind force. Make full use of below the room temperature demand that assures contented client the new wind outdoor, reduce air conditioning to carry can specific power consumption.

The subterranean parking lot of the edifice still installed equipment of pH indicator of the carbon monoxide that monitor, how many what will identify vehicle of receiving of cargo for storage through analysing the chroma of carbon monoxide. Inside the garage of ventilated system stop opening is the chroma data according to carbon monoxide self-adjusting switch.

Banqueting hall is time the air conditioning that start. The air conditioning of banqueting hall can be started automatically inside the right time before the banquet begins only now. According to banqueting hall the program arrangement of all sorts of conferences installs this beforehand. Receive 3 kinds of when enter Jin Mao large building one second the sources of energy, become via machining changeover " 2 the sources of energy " , already brought the metric list that readable access occupies mount entirely at present, the energy-saving consciousness of departmental door all gets general promotion.