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The place such as meal bar receives service fee to need bright show
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Report from our correspondent yesterday, the reporter learns, for cogent the legitimate rights and interests that defends consumer, bureau of Suzhou city price allotted recently " lie fallow about building of tea of coffee of bar of recreation of meal of urban district of farther normative Suzhou the announcement of action of spatial proprietor price " , building of repast drink, recreation, bar, coffee, tea, recreational waited for action of spatial proprietor price to have farther standard.

As we have learned, every manages meal in Suzhou urban district (Chinese meal, Western-style food, snack, chaffy dish) , recreation (song hall, card pulls OK hall, ballroom to wait) , bar (corridor of bar, wine, enlighten etc) , coffee (coffee of hall of cafe, coffee, Western-style food.

According to this announcement, in management activity, operator must with the price clearly marked mark a price. Namely the commodity such as chart of water of menu, cookbook, beverage, wine, tea marked price book, the specific commodity that the stage gives appearance marks a price autograph, river (the sea) delicacy fresh current price blocks goods now, all must use bureau of Suzhou city price service tariff schedule to check substation to unite supervise the manufacture of. Among them, the specific commodity that the commodity of unified supervise the manufacture of lists in marked price book all must indicate the name of an article, norms, of rate, producing area, grade, price. The dish in cookbook should indicate dish name, norms, advocate makings name, advocate makings gram is heavy. Service tariff schedule must indicate content of service project, service, rate. In the meantime, when checkout, must offer consumptive detailed account to consumer, indicate consumptive breed, amount, price, seasonable and accurate offer bill.

This announcement still makes clear a regulation, afore-mentioned each manage a place to be not gotten with " balcony is expended " , " air conditioning is expended " , " cost opening bottle " wait for other name chaos to collect fees.

To fee of so called service, bureau of Suzhou city price expresses about chief, basis " value standard " concerned regulation: The basic basis that operator fixes a price is manufacturing management cost and state of market supply and demand, operator ought to provide the commodity with reasonable price and service for consumer. Accordingly, if operator needs collection to serve cost, must run cost and market according to his production actual condition, on main service item, listed the item that adds a service, content, serve the expense of cost according to increasing, reasonable and affirmatory collection serves the standard of cost, and in inn hall marked position is shown to grandfather. Collection serves cost, its rate must be signalled before the client is consumed.

Additional, in the light of it is an Olympic Games this year year, wedding compares concentration, bureau of Suzhou city price still reiterated meal course of study about chief " marriage banquet " the price should turn over sudden huge profits. As we have learned, according to 2007 〕 of Suzhou city prices bureau 〔 the 21st file " about be opposite course of study of meal of Suzhou urban district " marriage banquet " , " meal of the eve of the lunar New Year " the price executes the announcement that opposes government of sudden huge profits " regulation: Social restaurant executes classify to rate average wool interest rate is: Fancy 45% , one class 42% , 2 class 38% , 3 class 33% ; Average wool interest rate is astral class restaurant: 5 stars 50% , 4 stars 46% , SamSung 42% , 2 stars 38% ; Affirmatory " marriage banquet " (calculate by one desk) reasonable range is average wool interest rate 50% , the person that exceed range regards obtain sudden huge profits as behavior, was not declared and did not press the operator that provides reexamine order and degree, average gross profit leads executive lowest rank. Additional, of social restaurant, astral class restaurant " marriage banquet " divide the price beyond, do not get concoct various pretexts again collection is other charge (include astral class restaurant to serve cost) . "Marriage banquet " (press one desk) the menu of the formula, must indicate specific the name of an article (make clear advocate makings name) , norms and advocate makings gram is heavy.
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