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Good shop health bureau holds to meal ungraded
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Keelung city holds sanitation of meal, bake year after year activity of good shop choose, wholesome arrange suggests to choose what part of one's job gives actor, fine, of low quality to wait, more significant, but the health bureau feels inappropriate, decide this year or choose an eligible only, send good shop medal.

The health bureau says, the choose of wholesome and good shop is divided into primary election, answer choose and run-off 3 phase, borrow by selection process, supervise and urge the person that course of study of this city meal reachs bake industry pays attention to wholesome level. The list of good shop can be announced in website of information of wholesome arrange food, imprint in the health bureau annual of print and distribute " demonstrative cookbook of national nutrition day " inside, those who raise a businessman is famous degree, create business chance.

Section chief Wang Cuiwen says sanitation of health bureau food, when wholesome arrange ever suggested to choosing wholesome and admirable store, can depend on wholesome state of the businessman, those who judge an actor, fine, of low quality is not coequal, lest flow at the form, but via thinking industry appears besides with test flow, the health bureau decides or in order to coach, training principle, supervise and urge course of study person promote wholesome standard.