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Dress supermarket meal works overtime when exceeding 100
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Although this city the rights and interests of female worker is protected increasingly, but still happen from time to tome by the incident of enroach on. Yesterday is this city begins rights and interests of safeguard female worker the first day of special inspection, the reporter follows work censorial personnel goes to the 3 clothing company of a Yu Songjiang to undertake checking, have 2 companies female worker overtime overwork case is severe, nearly 100 employee of limited company of fashionable dress of some foreign capital, in production month of height period of time works overtime more than 100 hours.

Yesterday morning, the reporter follows work censorial personnel comes to limited company of this fashionable dress, director of this company human affairs took out capture of watch of employee check on work attendance, payroll, social security to expend the concerned data such as the proof by the requirement, the list of check on work attendance that takes out as a result mirrors instead nearly 100 employee came in December last year a the middle of a month this year January, work overtime more than 100 hours, exceed formulary level 64 hours above. It is reported, this company has 200 people of female worker to control, hold worker sum total 85% .

Besides working overtime overtime, the reporter returns the discovery in the relevant data that provides in afore-mentioned enterprises, partial employee because the reason of the company, up to now not pay company insurance cost or integrated insurance premium.

As we have learned, relevant provision is specific, the enterprise falls in circumstance of executive standard working hours, the time that a month works overtime cannot exceed employee 36 hours. To examining the issue that give yesterday, labor is censorial personnel expresses, they will be made check further, will undertake handling by law, code, "If be checked further solid, relevant enterprise has overtime overwork problem truly, have the number that works overtime by overtime to unit of choose and employ persons condemnatory, the condemnatory standard of an overtime overwork employee is 100 yuan - 500 yuan. The condemnatory standard of an overtime overwork employee is 100 yuan - 500 yuan..

Work overtime overtime labor is concentrated many now model enterprise

Work overtime overtime more ground appears in labor concentrated model the trade with the more person that be versed in with ab extra Wu. The enterprise of overtime overwork concentration has: Building, shoemaking, dress, supermarket, meal, bathroom, in problem of blame public company especially serious.

Be in these enterprises, the employee great majority that works overtime overtime is engaged in technical content the work with great strength of low, labor. Besides working overtime overtime, these employee can be defaulted salary toward contact, not the enroach on of rights and interests such as pay company insurance cost.
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