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Complete a course of wet 囍 restaurant " boss " previous conviction
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The earthy melon bay of 6 abrupt complete a course is wet last week 囍 seafood restaurant, the employer collect ceremony that indicates all the time in employee mouth, it is so be in 3 years ago general bay inside 3 months for two times the trustee Luo Jianli back pay of restaurant complete a course. Labour union points to Luo Jianli next month only then probation expires, but during doubt with " boss of behind the curtain " identity repeats a old trick. Boule member hurried asks a government to edit as soon as possible " service rules " jam flaw, lest of wine shop " boss of behind the curtain " went after back pay.

Labour union points to " boss of behind the curtain " probation is not full

Restaurant of wet 囍 seafood is easy last year in December after the hand, be not worth 3 months, be in last weekend in order to run complete a course of difficult snake brake, default nearly 40 employee sixty thousand and fifty yuan of back pay. The employer do not have fine in employee mouth is Luo Li, but thumb through company registers office data to show, trustee of wet 囍 wineshop is the woman that is called Xie Qingling however, luo Li is not on list of wine shop trustee.

Ceng She " carry is connected " reach " carry tells cabinet " disturbance

Assist employee to chase after the labour couplet that denounce to always meet catering trade worker secretary-general Li Guohua, reach many employee to all point out, collect ceremony fact is " boss of behind the curtain " hold employer concurrently, full name is Luo Jianli, it is 54 years old. Luo Jianli ever was square of general bay new capital " carry opens seafood restaurant " reach " carry opens cabinet restaurant " trustee, have wine shop already complete a course, incognito manage reach again the criminal record of back pay of complete a course.

The data shows, luo Jianli ever was grand the trustee of sincere investment, was in a year in August at ○ general bay is managed inside new capital square " carry opens seafood restaurant " , ○ 5 years on April 25 dash forward complete a course defaults employee pay, but the thing lies between about 10 days, luo Jianli wine shop incognito " carry opens cabinet restaurant " reopen, on July 5 again complete a course, 3 short inside the month for two times lightning complete a course, default more than 160 employee nearly 2 million yuan of pay.

Ever since, luo Jianli is accused accusation of 9 back pay, the inspect that be sentenced a month however probation two years. Li Guohua points out, luo Jianli comes term of imprisonment of the delay in next month ability at the expiration of one's term of office, still be in now during defending action, doubt with " boss of behind the curtain " identity repeats a old trick, hold the post of trustee to become with another person " scapegoat " .

Wet 囍 employee points to, luo Jianli every morning 10 when return wine shop to do business more, everybody inspects him to be like a boss, before New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar he more extend to employee personally half monthly pay proposes a toast, never had seen trustee Xie Qingling instead.
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