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Heavy fist hits out, whole town swipe " drunken "
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Become the happening of incident as Zhao treasure, the our city makes a valve the branch was spreading out severe blow yesterday evening " drive after wine " special punish activity, drive after wine of capture of the net inside whole town limits " drunkard " . End to be punished by policeman branch to the driver that after 0 have many 50 alcoholic drink partly at 9 o'clock in the evening, drives. Have some of driver among them not only do not cooperate to check, some still bites the policeman, some tries policeman run down to escape forcibly. Run down policeman is entered forcibly close yesterday evening at 7 o'clock half, motor-driven group in river Ning Shengtai source of road, benefit established 5 flow point. Be in bank before door of garden of lake the four seasons, the policeman bars below one revive A · : Car of PE5x × Fu Kang, one is put on dashboard alarm the lamp, when the policeman stands by a car to ask him to show a driver's license, the driver shakes get off the window hands the driver's license a desert is cheered suddenly when the policeman, the policeman Guo Jian procrastinates give 5 meters far, at this moment 3 policemans on the edge bar the car below, when undertaking to the driver alcohol checks, the driver does not deserve to close, blew ability success 20 times repeatedly on the appearance that measure wine finally, the appearance that measure wine shows O.343, after belonging to wine, drive.

In get the better of too road flow stands, policeman Zhang Zhiyong bars below one revive A · ("AOx × black car of Ni Kangji general, the driver also is taken the advantage of the spot escapes quickly when giving a driver's license, be at large after giving 50(1l rice, be barred fall by the policeman of flow point, face the reporter's doubt, the driver denies desert unexpectedly, saying is to prepare to park the car firm, but regard accelerator as brake. It is via measuring wine appearance to detect after 0.227, after belonging to wine, drive. Was in more at 9 o'clock bank before door of garden of lake the four seasons, revive the illicit home car of × of × of A · CX7 faces policeman examination, hit steering wheel urgently to be entered forcibly right close, after discovering right also has a policeman, he stops next car quickness backward S form backs a car, be in run down of a policeman the ground. This policeman climbed to chase after 50 meters of ability to bar the car with other policeman stop, but the driver does not agree to get off from beginning to end cooperate policeman examination, in refuse to budge after many minutes 10, the policeman is obliged to pull its a cab forcibly.

The policeman discovers this man is so Bacchic that this man stand not to rise at all, 4 their policemans are forced to drive him reinstate to measure wine appearance to detect forcibly, via detecting this man belongs to drunk wine to drive. No less than cars bite refus the policeman was in last night crossing of road of the Huaihe River of Zheng of river northeast road, policeman 6 groups policeman bars a brand is revive the car of AW39x × date, some glibly wine enrages driver king, be full of aglow, incoherent, after be suspected of wine, drive. Policeman Wang Rui exceeds ask driver Wang Mou to get off cooperate to undertake haemal alcohol content breathes a test, wang Mou does not get off from beginning to end.
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