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Restaurant is banned, the boss lies execute the law below the car
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Yesterday 9 when 40 minutes, before the door of a restaurant of street of boundless blessing of area of green garden of the Changchun City, many years old of 40 man lies in to execute the law below the car, a woman is exclaiming block the way executes the law personnel takes away the article inside restaurant. Original, this restaurant that does not have wholesome licence rejects to undertake transforming reaching conduction relevant certificate to the kitchen, and in execute the law merchant husband and wife confronts when personnel undertakes banning to its lawfully fight a way.

Refus of small shop run by couple is not rectified and reform feel secretly manage

Yesterday 9 when make 20 minutes, by the Changchun City sanitation of health bureau of green garden area supervises place to execute the law jointly with public security, industrial and commercial, administration the combination that waits for sectional composition executes the law personnel begins to undertake banning to having card restaurant. In a restaurant of boundless blessing street, execute the law personnel just entered room inside, female merchant bars the door does not let execute the law personnel is entered inside, say oneself are bought immediately makings transform a kitchen.

Execute the law personnel says, this restaurant accords with requirement handling card from the respect such as business area, execute the law personnel undertakes supervisory guidance for many times, requirement restaurant presses a regulation to undertake rectifying and reform to the place such as the kitchen, but merchant refus is not rectified and reform and feel secretly manage. Execute the law personnel tells to bar the female merchant of the door, confiscatory article just seals up for keeping temporarily, want her to transform the kitchen so that accord with condition handling card only, these article can remand, but female merchant still does not deserve to close.

Male merchant forcibly debus is buckled article

Execute the law in female merchant block the way personnel enters room inside when, the one man that the name controls 50 years old enters store inside, begin loot to execute the law the article that personnel detains, female merchant says this man is her sweetheart. Male merchant not only block the way detains article, still throw a few times the car forcibly, seize the opportunity a few times to lie in execute the law prevent below the car execute the law the car leaves, right of everybody persuade turn a deaf ear to.

9 when 40 minutes or so, execute the law the car will execute the law to leave after personnel holds male merchant in arms, but male merchant wait for one's chance lies on the ground, female merchant is blocked execute the law the car says her sweetheart is sick, will detain article to remand and must send her sweetheart toward the hospital. Execute the law personnel looks for car of 120 emergency treatment, but female merchant requirement will detain article debus car to say again. Refuse to budge after many minutes 10, execute the law the car leaves the scene, male merchant rises from the ground.
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