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Restaurant is banned, the boss lies execute the law below the car
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2 accord with a condition not to handle card into restaurant

Yesterday, execute the law personnel banned 20 restaurant that do not have card in all. As we have learned, the restaurant do not have card inside green garden area has 229.

Sanitation of health bureau of area of green garden of the Changchun City supervises Geng Zhenhai of institute director assistant to say, a few restaurant do not deal with wholesome licence to have two reasons, because wholesome condition does not accord with condition handling card,one is 80% right-and-left restaurant. And other 20% are to accord with wholesome condition but refus does not handle card. Execute the law personnel undertakes supervisory guidance to these restaurant for many times, the requirement handles wholesome license, but these restaurant adopt all sorts of method both neither to do card to also do not turn. Since yesterday, the combination that green garden area will have by a definite date 15 days or so executes the law the action, concentration solves problem of the restaurant that do not have card.

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