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Intermediary " company " the hotel opens room dark move " male public relations
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One professes is ministry of human affairs of many public place of entertainment " professional introduction company " , in collection applicant after 500 yuan bail, cannot cash for applicant however the job, and bail also does not grant to return, this is the bewilderment that citizen Mr Yuan encounters.

The reporter is dark seek anonymous company

On March 2, the reporter saw Mr Yuan of 40 years old around the machinery plant, "I do not know the name of this company now. " Mr Yuan expresses, oneself are those who apply for see be headed for after the advertisement that enrols male public relations from newspaper before the Spring Festival.

After applying for, mr Yuan the accused knows to want to make 500 yuan of earnest money, subsequently, this company calls him to Yellow River road a cafe goes to work, but this cafe expresses to did not enrol employee however, "I think the likelihood was duped at that time. " Mr Yuan says.

3 days, the reporter will be located in hotel of business affairs of treasure mountain Lu Jixiang this company of 318 rooms, there is two inside the room male two female recieve applicant. Among them the one man that the name controls 30 years old recieved a reporter, introduce according to him, their company is metropolis a branch of a few public place of entertainment, contract and other places of people road, Yellow River road the invite applications for a job of a few public place of entertainment works (include) of hotel of lucky business affairs, the reporter makes clear after wanting to apply for post receiving silver, the man says to hand in 230 yuan of tool to expend morrow to be able to go to work. But when go to work where when reporter inquiry and lodging, the man says: "You made money first, can take you to moment. Can take you to moment..

Inside 15 minutes when the reporter lingers here, share 6 people to come round to apply for, 8 people call seek advice from relevant matters concerned.

The hotel just says with oneself have nothing to do

A staff member with downstage hotel of lucky business affairs tells a reporter, 318 rooms will ask to withdraw fund before having applicant everyday, but before also having a lot of applicant at the same time, will apply for, in the meantime, the hotel surnames the manageress of Liu to express to did not enrol a person at present, "The guest of 318 rooms is the room that rents us, with us the hotel does not have any relations. " Liu director says, this company is the 318 rooms that rented December last year, "There is not business charter at that time, but gave me to copy license January this year. But gave me to copy license January this year..

4 days, red hill is industrial and commercial the staff member tells place the reporter, they already undertook investigating to this company, but discover its do business the place attribute of charter is not a company character, however individual and industrial and commercial door, scope of operations is made clear serve for intermediary, current, industrial and commercial place needs the case that provides according to Mr Yuan, to processing is being made again after this SOHO makes further investigation, "We can recover earnest money for the citizen as far as possible. "We can recover earnest money for the citizen as far as possible..
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