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Cafeteria trustee be charged with is drunk wine drives enter red light
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The executive trustee of famous Italy cafeteria is suspected of this locality drunk wine drives and entering red light, was accused to go up yesterday court.

Sai De Wei spends the accused Zhu Pei, 35 years old, it is the executive trustee of Italian cafeteria IL LIDO. He faces two to control account in all, it is drunk wine respectively drive and enter red light danger to drive, offend law of two highway traffic.

Accuse shape to show, the accused is in last year on July 5 before dawn 2 when in Shi Danfu road 47 minutes wine of He Meizhi Lu Zui drives, his place expiration contains alcohol of more than 65 microgramme in 100 milliliter gas, exceed legal and highest set limit to of 35 microgramme alcohol one times much.

According to the law, drunken driving of first time renegue, can be sentenced to be as high as 5000 yuan, or be imprisoned the 6 longest month; Repeat can is as high as 10 thousand yuan by amerce, and be imprisoned compulsively the 12 longest month.

In addition, he also is shown that day same period of time is in the boundary of Shi Danfu road and beautiful Zhi road enters red light, the back-to-back boundary in Ni Gao highway and close camel road enters red light once more, danger be accusinged drives.

Once the blame is become, first offence person can be sentenced to fine most 3000 yuan, or be imprisoned the 12 longest month, or both hold <> concurrently apply; Repeat person fine most 5000 yuan, or be imprisoned the two years longest, or both hold <> concurrently apply.

Our newspaper reported yesterday, danger drives first offence person once the blame is become, if details of a case is severe, be imprisoned possibly also. First Sa Lina of front courtyard judge was sentenced a few days ago face a danger to drive the first offence of accusation person Li Shiliang, must be imprisoned 3 weeks, revoke of various driver's license a year.

The accused bails with 8000 yuan permissibly, case extend next month 17 days appear in court to be tried.

IL LIDO first dining-room is located in emperor to clean out sand, open up have dinner swims later annulus, for the new distinguishing feature of meal culture infuse of this locality, recreational cafeteria and public house were offerred in airport edifice a few days ago.