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Car 4 wheel are stolen guesthouse rejects to be in charge of
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Time: 5 days morning

Place: Tai Jiangheng fills the parking lot at the back of business affairs guesthouse

Camera lens: The reporter sees in this parking lot, 4 direction end the vehicle of car of mulberry tower accept of Mr Lin are filling up a few bricks, the wheel disappeared.

Incident: Mr Lin tells a reporter, 4 days night 10 when make, mr Lin and friend drive to fill business affairs guesthouse to lodge to Tai Jiangheng, car place is in this parking lot.

5 days morning, hotel clerk calls tell him, 4 wheel of the car are stolen. He and hotel clerk are academic, the other side says the parking lot does not belong to guesthouse.

Guesthouse of Heng Cheng business affairs is surnamed piece the staff member tells a reporter, guesthouse does not have a parking lot. The parking lot at the back of guesthouse belongs to dweller village all. If the guest drives guest house, they can suggest the guest is in car place the parking lot of the village, guesthouse is not in charge of guard.

Current, stage river police already got involved investigation this matter.